when should you get your roof replaced

It can be tough for the typical homeowner to tell when their roofing system is in need of replacement. A roofing system has many different qualities and components to it that all play their part in determining if a roof is good to go, or if it has worn out its useful life. If you have noticed that leaks are starting to pop up or the roof just doesn’t look the same way it used to, you may need a roof replacement.

Roof replacements can be expensive, so how do you know when a roof replacement is actually necessary? Let’s look into three symptoms to give you an idea when your roof has worn out its welcome with help from All Things New Roofing.

So, When Should You Get Your Roof Replaced?

Leaks are Becoming Frequent

An occasional leak is not automatic grounds for a roof replacement, but it can be a sign. If you have noticed that leaks are becoming frequent in your home or if you’re making frequent calls to your local roofer to patch areas, you whole system might be compromised. Frequent leaks are a sign that your roofing needs to be replaced.

Your Materials Look Damaged

Visual evidence can give you an idea of the condition of your roof. When examining your roof look for bald or balding shingles, cracks, tears, rips, punctures, damaged flashing and other visual signs that your roof is damaged. This could be localized damaged but if many areas in your roof are experiencing these issues it may be a sign that your roof has lived out its useful life and needs to be replaced.

Your Roofer Tells You To

The good news is that you don’t have to get up on your roof or in your attic to have a close look at your roofing system, you can have a roofer do it for you. Call of a local and reputable roofer that offers free estimates to have them use their expert eye to help decide what state your roof is in, and if you need a replacement.

It can be tough for homeowners to tell when they need a roof replacement, but frequent leaking and visual signs can let you know something is not quite right. To figure out if a replacement is really your best option, call on a local and reputable roofer to inspect your roof and what you should do.