Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha! If you have never visited Hawaii, well, you’re missing out. Yes, the eight-hour plane ride is exhausting, and the trip can get pricey, but it is so worth it. Everyone should be able to experience the beauty of the islands at some point. From the beaches to the depths of the jungle, so much awaits you in this lush paradise.

About Oahu, Hawaii

Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is located on Oahu. There is no shortage of things to do in the city, but if you want to see the island, taking a drive along the oceanfront highway is the perfect way to see what it has to offer. Roadside pull-offs give you some wonderful overlook vantage points.

Travel to the world-famous North Shore and soak up some surf culture or walk barefoot in the sun-warmed sand along some of the unique beaches. However, be advised that a lot of the beaches outside of the Honolulu resorts are for expert level surfers only. There are signs posted, and the riptides are no joke so, take caution.

Hanauma Bay offers an amazing snorkeling experience. The bay was formed from violent volcano activity approximately 32,000 years ago, and its horseshoe shape ensures calm waters. With the Bay being home to approximately 400 different species of fish as well as green sea turtles, it will feel as though you are swimming in a giant aquarium. Bring a waterproof camera!

Nature and History

Hiking up Diamond Head is a right of passage for Hawaiian vacationers, and the views of the Pacific are spectacular. However, it does get busy, and it’s a steep, challenging hike. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, the hike to Manoa Falls is just the ticket. The path leads you into the humidity of the green jungle and is littered with exotic flowers and giant vine-covered trees. Ending at the 150-foot falls and small pool, this one will not disappoint.

Pearl Harbor… we all learned about its role in World War 2 in history class, but stepping foot upon this hallowed ground will be something you will always remember. Walking out onto the memorial bridge across the sunken USS Arizona is solemn, but it is an experience you will want to have to pay respect to the fallen. Take a tour of the USS Missouri and have lunch at the Laniakea Café located at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Oahu is often overlooked in favor of Maui or the Big Island, but the diversity you will find here will amaze you.