Do not miss out on one of the best river rafting seasons in recent years! The last time we saw a year like this could have been almost 20 years ago. In 1993 and 1995, the white water rafting seasons were awesome and noteworthy, but this year may beat them out!

This summer, we have seen an epic white water rafting season that is supposed to continue later than a typical year. There is hope that the Colorado River will be open all the way until October.

The reason behind the water flowing so strongly and continuing to do so has a lot to do with the winter of 2018 to 2019. We saw a lot of snowfall this winter and even into the months of April and May. The winter-long to spring snowfall has made this summer rafting season possible.

As the snow melts, the runoff is leading to a wild flow of river water. The warm weather of the summer is melting the snow, high in the mountains. As the snow melt flows down the mountains, it leads into the Arkansas River and the Colorado River, raising the water levels, and causing a strong flow of water throughout the rivers. The active waters are moving rafters down the river and giving them a fun ride.

The white water rapids in the Upper Colorado River- above Winter Park- and the Lower Colorado River- near Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction- will continue to flow until October. After going through a drought a year ago, rafters are extremely excited for the prolonged season and the wild rapids they can ride down.

David Costlow, the executive Director of the Colorado River Outfitters Association has pointed out the differences in rafting areas. He states that “All geographic areas have different levels of rafting, but we’re anticipating many runs will be open later this season than they have in several years. Durango has family- to wild-rafting, as does the Buena Vista to CaƱon City area. The Cache la Poudre outside Fort Collins, the Rio Grande near Creed, all sections of the Colorado and the Taylor near Crested Butte are enjoying consistent and full-level flows.” Many areas of the Colorado River and the Arkansas River are having extended seasons.

The Arkansas River white water rafting season is looking similar to that of the Colorado River. Travis Hochard, Vice President of the Arkansas River Outfitters Association (AROA) has said, “You don’t see these types of flows late in the season very often. It’s always beautiful weather in August and September, but this year we have plenty of water, which means we can offer a high-quality experience well into fall.”

Hochard also noted that the abundant water flow is sending rafters on an intense ride in August that is typically only seen in June and July. This is proof that the season is already hanging on longer than a usual year.

The snowpack seems to be melting a little later than years in the recent past. Having above average snowfall, as well as, delayed melting will help the white water rafting season to continue later. Going from little snowfall last year to a lot of snowfall this year has made white water rafting amazing this year.

The Arkansas River is one of the most popular rivers for white water rafting. It is 100 miles of remarkable views, wild rapids, cold water, and adventurous activities. Over 175,000 tourists take a float on the Arkansas River a year.

The guided white water rafting tours along the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers are some of the best this season. Many outdoor recreation centers offer rafting, kayaking, sup, and more adventure activities.

If you are looking for a rafting trip down the Arkansas River, look no further than the ones close to Buena Vista in Colorado. Feel the sun on your face, see the Collegiate Peaks, and be splashed by snowy-cold rapids. There are different sections of the river that rafting tours can take place, like the Brown’s Canyon or the Numbers. Each section of the river has different challenges. The river can let you float along, bounce you around on the rapids, or make you work as a team to maneuver your way through rocky parts.

Guided tours make your safety the utmost importance and a close second is your enjoyment of the day. Choose your level of adventure, expertise, and excitement. Join in on the extended rafting season for a fun trip. Guided tours can bring families and friends on an adventure of a lifetime. This season is one that should not be missed!