The 401(k) Audit Is Actually Quite Ingenious

Located in a section of the Internal Revenue Code is a description of a retirement savings plan called a 401(k), which was wonderfully created for the benefit of many employees. What it does is give employees the opportunity to defer part of their salary on a monthly basis into an investment savings fund. As an employee, you can transfer and invest this money before it is taxed, and it will stay untaxed until the money is withdrawn from the account. There are more benefits for this investment: your employer can match your contributions, and you are also given some investment options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, guaranteed insurance contracts and individual brokerage accounts with which you can invest with your retirement money. Another great feat: you can relocate this money among these options any time you want. It makes it for a very malleable way of making money.

Your employer basically would need to hire an independent accounting firm if the 401(k) reaches a certain limit of participants, because at this point, it is subject to government regulations. This is called a 401(k) audit, and is performed by a CPA firm, where they investigate some information regarding the retirement plan and see whether the plan is fair in representation and that is stable and secure for all the employees who are connected to the plan. It’s basically a means to make sure that your money is safe in the account.

Here’s what to know about 401(k) auditorsaccounting firm: they tend to be certified public accountants, who work within the accounting firm (sometimes they run them). When they are performing their investigations, they use these question plans to ask themselves so they can keep an eye on what is important:

- What is the amount of value in the plan and is it fairly valued?

- Are contributions being made in a timely manner?

- Do all participants have fair chance and equality?

- Are the payments fair in value and following the guidelines described in the contract?

- Is there a possibility that there will be potential tax issues?

- Is there any record of ERISA-prohibited transactions being made?

401(k) auditors ask themselves these questions to make sure that the account they are looking into is secure. If a 401(k) reaches a minimum of 100 applicants, then it is required to perform an audit, since this is the legal minimum that requires an independent accounting firm to be hired to perform the audit. The auditors want to make sure that all communications are transparent and secure between employers and employees, and that all government regulations regarding the retirement plan are abided by in the plan.

An employer can actually hire an accounting firm to perform the 401(k) audit voluntarily, even if the 100+ participant limit hasn’t been reached. An employer who does this will ask for it out of deep concern and curiosity towards his or her policies and how they affect his or her employees..

When an employer is preparing for a 401(k) audit, there are many documents that are necessary in order to give them to the CPA firm and allow them to conduct the audit quickly and effortlessly. What is most needed would be the contract that is offered to the employees, IRS papers, amendments made to the plan, historical plan documentation, summaries of all the activity going on within the plan and others.

Some time is needed for the employer to be able to gather these documents together. Tax returns are generally filed with the IRS every year, so an employer will need to keep records of all that to make sure that everything is running smoothly. This is where the audit becomes mandatory, since if the plan is large enough, then the 401(k) audit is required along with the tax return form, which is called Form 5500. The IRS will let the employer know whether or not this form is necessary. A good employer should either have a bookkeeper to keep all company records and forms organized and to know where the company files are located. It is important therefore for the employer to choose the right accounting firm to work with in the future, since this will ensure better results for the employees’ sake.

Knowing more on your own end is better for you. You may want to request suggestions from your employer if you ever have questions or concerns about the legitimacy of a 401(k) audit. Hopefully, learning more about this auditing process will help you stay in a more secure job position.

Invisalign Teen is Gaining Popularity

Anyone who has ever had access to proper, modern-day orthodontic treatment should consider themselves extremely fortunate. Orthodontics today is not what it used to be. In fact, until the last 40 years the science and its methods were still quite rudimentary because it was waiting on technology that would make it better. When we think of technology we often think of computers, robots and automated rocket ships but in many cases we fail to see advances made in areas like metal alloys, plastics and things like dental adhesive. Getting braces before dental adhesive was available was a lot more complicated and inconvenient because metal bands had to be fashioned around the base of individual teeth instead of being able to glue brackets directly to the face of one’s teeth.

Orthodontistry officially became a dental specialty in the late 1930s when the American Board of Orthodontists was formed to oversee the official training and curriculum that orthodontists would receive going forward. Precious metals were used by dentists and orthodontists until stainless steel became the orthodontic metal of choice in the 1950s. Expensive and precious metals were used previously because they were durable, they would not rust and they were malleable. Stainless steel turned into the best metal because it would not rust either, but it was inexpensive and easy to shape as well. For two decades, braces were applied using metal bands with brackets attached to the front of them with which to string wires between to bring them into alignment. Then, in the 1970s the dental adhesive formula was finally perfected so orthodontists were able to start attaching brackets directly to the front of their patient’s teeth.

Orthodontists have all of the training and education that dentists do because they went to the same schools on their journey to becoming an orthodontist. An additional two to four-year program in orthodontistry specifically needs to be completed in order for one to begin practicing orthodontics. During their time in specialized orthodontistry training they chronicle six individual cases of patients that they provided treatment to so they can present them to the board at the conclusion of their program. During this presentation they answer questions from members of the board and defend their clinical decisions, and if the board is satisfied they are permitted to take their final written examination as the last step to becoming an orthodontist. They come out with a full knowledge of and a lot of experience with applying fixed straight wire appliances, or what are referred to as braces in non-jargon terms.

Dentists and orthodontists alike are able to administer the Invisalign teeth straightening method. This is the only smile correction method that dentists are able to administer too because although it does require some training and some highly specialized equipment in order to administer appropriately, brackets and wires are not required. Invisalign became available in the year 2000 after a significant amount of research and development capital was invested in order to make it a reality. The advances in digital computer imaging and the advent of 3-D printing combined to make the first invisible teeth straightening procedure ever. It is a very impressive technology that has helped tens of thousands of people feel better about their smiles, mostly adults, who would have otherwise only been able to do it with braces. Many of them however, were never open to the idea of braces and otherwise would have just lived the rest of their lives with smiles they were not happy with.

Invisalign maps every detail about one’s teeth and specialized software renders a 3-D image of it on a computer screen. Then, the software takes that image and creates 8-12 additional ones that each contain subtle alignment adjustments before it sends the information to a 3-D printer to actually produce the images into physical form. What comes out is a series of ‘aligners’ that fit to and around the patient’s teeth that are usually worn for two to three weeks each before moving onto the next one in the series. The aligners are totally transparent and they are extremely thin but very strong at the same time, so they can push teeth into alignment without anyone being able to see. Invisalign teen is marketed directly to teenagers who want to do something  about their smiles but do not want to deal with braces. Invisalign works for many people but there are some with an existing orthodontic condition that is not conducive to Invisalign being capable of producing the best results. So, it is a dentist or orthodontist’s call to make on whether or not Invisalign is the best course of action.

A PR Company Can Help Win The Battle

The arena of public opinion is one where many battles are lost or won. Like in life, often the villain wins because they have better weapons at their disposal or they are willing to act immorally when their opposition has scruples that they will not abandon. Far too often, really good people do not have possess the ability or inclination to fight or they are not comfortable with confrontation so they are at a natural disadvantage as a result. This common scenario keeps many good people and the causes they represent down while more assertive and dominant people walk all over them and are able to impose their will. The  schoolyard bully has evolved and taken on a technological facet that is a force to be reckoned with, thus they must be dealt with.

There are bullies of all kinds in al kinds of places and the most common ones are emerging on the internet where they can anonymously slander people, companies and political campaigns without fear of repercussion. These days, anyone who is fighting to make a difference in this world needs to use technology to their advantage and be able to control their message to a degree on the internet. Social media marketing and management on the internet is very important in influencing the general public’s opinion, even more so these days than the radio and television in many cases. The younger generation gets almost all of their information from the internet and in many cases, from social media outlets and the older generation still listens to the radio, watches television and reads the newspaper.

Much like the advertising and marketing field changed a great deal when the internet was made available to the general public, so did public relations. An entirely new animal was born and ways to use it and properly manage it needed to be created in order for PR firms to now do their jobs effectively. The goal of a PR firm did not change because of the internet; it just became more complex and required that new solutions and creative ways to use it were now required. In many ways, the internet may end up simplifying the public relations equation as people slowly get more and more of their news from purely online sources. But for now, some people still read print magazines and newspapers that are delivered to their front door everyday and the entire scope needs to be managed accordingly.

Changes with technology and the way that people spread and share information has transformed many industries but it has touched the public relations field with a particularly sharp point. The main objective of a public relations firm is to inform the public, prospective clients and customers, investors, voters, stakeholders and employees of news that will likely be of some concern to them. Human beings tend to focus on the negative before they look for the positive and most people are afraid of change so because this is the case, a delicate finesse in  many cases is required in order to deliver news softly. It is the manner that sensitive information is presented that makes all of the difference and there people in the PR world that are masterful at it.

When this information within an organization needs to be handled in a way that keeps morale from tanking, companies will sometimes contact a PR company for advice and to write the speech or email communication that will be delivered to the workforce. When a political campaign wants to get their message out, they look for the best political Public Information Officer (PIO) that they can afford in order to manage and deliver the message to voters effectively. When a celebrity or public figure wants to be proactive about some news in their lives that they want to share with their fans, the message is most often delivered through a public relations spokesperson. PR can be used proactively and it can be used reactively to things that are out of the control of the client or the firm that is representing them.

In this world, in order for anyone to have a fighting chance at having their message be heard, they have to use the power of the internet. Social media campaigns have in many cases completely replaced television, radio and magazine campaigns because why pay for something that is less effective when the power of the internet can be wielded for free and can be much more beneficial in delivering the message? A good PR firm is worth the money if anyone has anything to lose or gain that is of serious worth to them.



Invialign Makes All of the Difference In the World

The feelings that people have about the idea of getting braces can range greatly, mostly depending on their age, their profession and their level of confidence. There are some people who can go out to a big Italian dinner for spaghetti and let a saucy meatball roll down their white shirt or blouse and will let it ruin their night when they go out for drinks and dancing afterwards. Then, there are others that just own the fact that they have an obvious, nasty-looking stain on their clothing and they just go about the rest of their night without letting it affect them. More people would be upset about the stain than those who wouldn’t be and the same goes for braces as an adult, but an orthodontist can present some options to make them feel better about it.

The world of adult orthodontics is one where taking the fears and insecurities of individual patients into consideration is a major part of the job. Someone who is in the thick of their career and has a lot of interactions with their employees or clients is most likely going to think twice about how having braces is going to be received by the people they deal with on a daily basis. The fact is that they can be very distracting and when the recipient of them notices that people are looking at their teeth instead of their eyes when they are talking to them, it can shake their confidence and make them feel uncomfortable. It’s a shame that people feel like this but it is a reality. what a lot of adults do not know though is that one in five people wearing braces in the United States today are actually adults.

The association that most adults in this day-in-age make with braces is based on of their experiences and what they know about them. Twenty years ago it was almost impossible to find adults who had braces so although one in five is not by any means the norm, it used to be far less. So, adults automatically think that they look immature, like a kid or that they will not be taken seriously by their peers if they are wearing the same kind of braces that kids do. Well, since the year 2000 someone who is looking to straighten their teeth and feel better about their smiles has had another viable option. Invisalign is an orthodontic breakthrough that has changed the landscape of the industry because straightening teeth with this method does not require cumbersome, conspicuous brackets and wiring.

Invisalign is available to people with teeth alignment issues whose orthodontists feel that they can receive favorable results without having to install braces to do it. Invisalign is the product of technological advances in 3-D printing and digital computer imaging. A special mapping apparatus is used to collect details about a patient’s teeth so that special software can produce a digital image of it on a computer screen. Then, the software creates a series of images that gradually come into alignment with small adjustments that are made to each one. These images are shaped into physical existence by a 3-D printer out of hard plastic so they can be worn for 2-3 weeks at a time based on the treatment schedule their orthodontist lays out for them.

Typically, only 8-12 aligners are needed and even if they are on the high-end of that spectrum and each one has to be worn for 3 weeks, the longest possible treatment time is 36 weeks, which is not even a year. Compared to braces for adults, this is a fraction of the time because the average treatment time for an adult with braces is more than 3 years. Invisalign provides a quick turn-around time to bring teeth into alignment and it is done in a way that is undetectable to those with whom their patients interact. This is enough to make many adults open to the idea of correcting their smiles when they may have previously dismissed the idea based on thinking that braces were the only way.

There are of course other ways for someone to feel better about their teeth but most of the time they require braces of some kind. This is not a problem for a kid because they do not often have any strong emotional feelings regarding the matter considering that half of their peers have, are about to or are currently going through the same process at the same time. Adults who require braces because they are not considered ideal candidates for Invisalign definitely have options that their orthodontist would be happy to discuss with them.


The Orthodontist Wants to Help You Out

Smile correction is among the most apparent type of improvement towards the physical appearance that we have in this country – it’s almost necessary nowadays, since everyone has gone through the process when they were younger. If you have not been able to get through to an orthodontist when you were younger, you might be feeling more of the pressure to improve the look of your smile as you grow older into adulthood, especially when you start getting into the dating scene or you begin work at a corporate office or anywhere else that may require that you wear a uniform.clear braces

When you are wanting to get smile correction, for whatever reason, you will want to see the orthodontist, who is the specialist that will aid in the correction of your smile, and will be able to answer all the questions you may have and also help you in deciding the best option for your personal case (since every person is different). There are many different types of option, and what is best for you is ultimately up to the decision of the orthodontist, but it’s good for you to know what they are.

There will be times where the orthodontist will not suggest the use of braces for orthodontic treatment. Maybe he or she will suggest you wear retainers, which are a custom fitted wire that is designed to hold teeth in place for the time being. Sometimes, retainers are worn after braces have been worn for months as a means to keep newly aligned teeth in the same place. Whatever the reason, retainers are among the most common types of orthodontic treatment options, so it’s a good thing if the orthodontist suggest you wear one.

The most common type of braces are traditional braces, which are made of steel, and they consist of brackets that are attached to the teeth that need alignment. Wires that are attached to those brackets will be tightened depending on the improvement and correction of the teeth over time, and the orthodontist will do this depending on his or her careful calculations. We see these types of braces normally on children or teenagers, and it’s because of this that they are a terrible option for adults, normally. But there are many other options for adults that need to look more professional.

One of those other more discreet options would be the clear braces. These are essentially the same in function as the traditional braces – there are brackets on the teeth, wires on the brackets, and those wires get tightened as the form of treatment. The main difference is the fact that the brackets are clear (sometimes made of a ceramic alloy, therefore called ceramic braces) so they are so much harder to notice from afar. They are highly effective for treatment, and they are among the cheaper options for treatment.

Another option (that is much more appropriate for adults to use) would be lingual braces, which are glued to the back of the teeth instead of the front. The orthodontist will certainly need to be there to make the necessary adjustments over time during the treatment, but these are incredibly discreet and a great option for anyone who works in the office. The drawback to this option is the discomfort – it is very unpleasant to go through the application and tightening process. But considering how discreet this option is, it is usually one of the best options for adults. But you will have to talk with your orthodontist about whether or not to utilize this option, for sure.

Thanks to the advancement of orthodontic technology, there is Invisalign (also called invisible braces), which is a great way to have a subtle, quiet and unnoticeable means to correct your smile. They are composed of an aligner, made of plastic, and it looks very clear and invisible, and they are printed by a 3-D printer. They are designed by a computer program that is individualized for your particular case by the orthodontist. Every two weeks over the course of treatment, you will have to return to the orthodontist to have yours swapped for a new one, considering that you will make improvements and you will need a means to have your teeth continue to be aligned. It’s because of this that Invisalign has become the most expensive option of the list of orthodontic treatments.

Whatever option sounds good to you, it will all depend on what the orthodontist thinks is good for you, mainly. You are guaranteed (mostly) a better smile when you finish the treatment, so good luck!

Braces Can Make You Feel Better

Most of your friends probably have already gone through orthodontic treatment – it’s probably why it looks like that they have perfect teeth. If you want to catch up to them, or if you are generally concerned by the state of your teeth, never fear – there are many things to can do to improve the look of your teeth, but the first step that you have to make is to schedule that initial appointment with the orthodontist in your area. The orthodontist is a specialist in tooth and jaw misalignment, so they help people with all types of cases, whether cosmetic or medical. They are the ones you will have to see about smile correction anyway, so be sure to keep that in mind since you have no other option to improve your smile (aside from keeping your teeth clean and healthy, of course).

The dentist can only go so far as make sure your smile is healthy and clean, which is definitely necessary. A dentist will be able to refer you to a good orthodontist if you are asking for one, and if they are suggesting you see one, they can work with the orthodontist to create a treatment option that is good for you and your teeth. The initial consultation with the orthodontist will cover the basics such as what you are looking for in terms of treatment, how concerned are you with the way you look with the treatment applied and what kinds of options are better for you and your particular case. It may be that you have a more mild case and all you may need is a retainer, which gives a more gentle manipulation on the way your teeth are aligned. Retainers are also worn by patients who are generally finished with their braces treatments.clear braces

First off, there is the use of traditional braces, which you see normally on children and teenagers. These are incredibly effective, are easy to put on and take off for the orthodontist, and are the most cost-friendly option. They are made of steel, and there are brackets that are attached to the teeth that are connected to wires. These wires are what the orthodontist uses to tighten the braces in order to make the necessary adjustments. These are the reasons why these are a very common option, although this just isn’t right for most people, such as highly anxious teenagers and adults that work in any sort of professional environment. Thankfully, the field of orthodontics is highly advanced, and with that come many different kinds of treatment options that are far more discreet than these braces.

There clear braces (or ceramic braces), which are just like normal braces except that they are made of different materials, like ceramic alloys. These materials are what makes them clear looking, although it is important to note that they are not completely unnoticeable. If a peer or colleague were to look at your mouth, then yes, they will be able to notice them there. But these are also extremely effective for treatment and are more cost-friendly than other options, so it’s ideal to give them some consideration in relation to the other treatment options. These are slightly more expensive than traditional braces.

There’s the option to use lingual braces, which are glued behind the teeth (as opposed to the other braces, which are glued in the front). These kinds of braces are a tremendous option for those who really want to be discreet about their treatment, as no one will be able to notice it in your smile. However, it is a very uncomfortable option, as the orthodontist will have to go through a complex procedure to apply them and they are very uncomfortable to wear generally as well. You have to talk to your orthodontist about whether or not this treatment option will be good for you in any way.

Think about Invisalign, which you may already know about due to the influx of commercials that are out there about these invisible braces. These are clear and plastic aligners. They do not have to be glued to the teeth, since they basically wear like a mouth guard, making them the most comfortable treatment option out there. A computer will measure out the structure of your teeth, the orthodontist will then design the aligner and print them using a 3-D printer. All aligners are individualized. Every two weeks, your aligner will need to be exchanged with a new one to keep up with your treatment as your smile improves, so this is the most expensive option to choose from, which is the only caveat but it can extremely costly.

Website Design: What You Need to Know

Maybe I don’t need to ask this, but if you think about the amount of time you spend looking up ideas and locations, reading messages and settle business inquiries online, you will answer that you do this A LOT. It’s not a secret – we live in a world where everything is done online, whether it’s our services, or products, or entertainment even. There is a website for all sorts of different things, and businesses and freelance workers now are dependent on the Internet in order to ensure their own success. Some people are okay with having just a social media page, but for most, that is not enough. Having a website for yourself and your work is essential now, and if you fail to hire a probable website design company, then you are doing yourself a major disservice. Here are some following tips to improve the look of your current website design if you have one, and you can use this information to help you work with whatever agency you choose to hire.

1. Dust out clutter from your website:  If your website is cluttered, it makes it hard for consumers to see what kinds necessary links and informative pages are there. The goal is for navigation to be effortless and intuitive. A good web design is one that is neat and clean, with easy access to pages that are provided by well-placed, organized links. When your website is more organized, it makes it easier for the viewer to be able to find exactly what he or she is looking for. Search engines can also be able to catalog your pages so they are easier to find in searches. It also invites the viewer to stick around for a longer period of time, too.

2. Contrast is the most important element: Everything in your website should be easy to read (and easy to look at generally). Look at the color wheel for inspiration, but resist the temptation to overuse it. It’s not always a great idea to put complimentary colors together. Blue text on an orange background, which are complimentary colors for example, is just plain annoying to look at. Black text on any shade of dark background will not be easy to read. But black text on a white or yellow background is a good example, because the contrast is strong. White text on any very dark background will also give you good contrast. Creating contrast for your website design will help with navigation, because it makes it easier for the consumer to differentiate between text and links, which makes your website much more usable.

3. Simply make your text easy to read: This is also an extremely important tidbit. “Mesquite Std” and fonts like that, which look like they belong on diplomas or cakes, are simply not easy to read. There are many font styles to choose from that can represent the personality of your brand, but you need to make it easy to read, since it makes it easier navigation wise for the visitor. Texts with serifs, which is the small line that stretches out from the end of a stroke, will make your words easy to read. Georgia is a good example of a font to choose from. If you are looking for something sans-serif (without the stroke), Helvetica is popular choice among many – because it’s very easy to read.

website designer

4. Make a recognizable logo: Logos are the face of any business, and people will learn to recognize you based on your logo, and when they recognize you, they will remember you and refer you to other people. Think about this: you make sure that you look good for an interview, and if that is so, then you want to make sure that you look good for any potential visitor – so make sure your logo is designed well enough. A good web developer will help you with this. When enough people refer you to others, you end up becoming trusted in the community.

5. Think about responsive websites: More and more people are connecting through their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. A responsive web design is one that recognizes what tool a consumer is using to access the website and responds accordingly with a layout that is appropriate for that device specifically. When you have responsive web design, it makes it easier for those users to navigate through your website. Not applying a responsive web design to your brand may end up hurting your business as it may drive viewers away (because it’s otherwise frustrating to deal with a desktop website on a smartphone). So make sure to work with your developer to adapt the design that you are putting on your traditional website to look good in a mobile phone.

Web Design Companies Do Important Work

The point of anyone getting into business is to be successful, otherwise they would just work for someone else. There are only so many hours in the day to get done what needs to be done in order to keep the lights on, so being efficient is always the objective no matter what aspect of the business is being looked at. Most companies offer a product or service of some kind and in order to generate a profit they need customers or clients who value what they have to offer enough to buy it from them. The most effective way for a company to make their presence known to their audience is to have a website built by a website design company who knows how to make them more successful. It is a complicate business but there is a simplified approach that a web designer uses to guide them and their clients in the right direction.

1. Ease of use – A website should have a very easy feel to it in terms of the information presented on it. Navigating the website should be manageable and the most important information should never be more than a click away. A table of contents kind of layout on the left side of the page or the top is usually the most effective with simple categories that make where they are going to take a webpage visitor if they click on them predictable. For example, the ‘Contact Us’ link should lead to an internal page on the website that provides relevant phone numbers, email addresses and a fax number if applicable.

2. Use a simple color scheme – Making a webpage complicated in any sense is never a good idea so this rule should be applied to the colors used as well. Bright colors can overload a person’s brain and make the information on a webpage more difficult to process and remember, they can also contribute to obscuring the most important information on a page. Colors are powerful and they should be used respectfully and when it comes to a webpage, soft colors that are easy on the eyes are the most effective way to deliver a message that people will be the most receptive to.

3. Display the company logo – A company’s logo is a symbol that can become quite recognizable with effective branding techniques, the most imperative of which involves exposure! There is no better way to begin a branding process than on a company website. Often, a web developer will place the logo on each page in the exact same conspicuous spot and then link it back to the homepage for helpful navigation. Some web design layouts include a repeated pattern of the logo over and over again as a softened image in the background of every page.

4. Responsive design – This has become increasingly important in the last five years or so because people looking at webpages from their phones is an increasing trend that does not show any signs of slowing down. More advanced devices that are capable of getting online are becoming more affordable and people’s cellular data plans are as well, so people with smart phones are very often looking at webpages from there. This means the way that a website is designed needs to reflect that some thought has been put into this developing trend because it will be obvious whether a website was constructed with this in mind or wasn’t based on how it formats when viewed from a smaller screen.

5. Increase visibility with a blog – Search engines send what are called spiders to seek out the information that people are looking for when they type in keywords. These spiders crawl the indexes of webpages and quickly analyze the information contained therein so the search engine can display the most relevant results for search queries. Maintaining and publishing a new blog post frequently will increase a website’s visibility and help it increase its spot on the search rankings list, which is more helpful than anything for a business looking to gain some online exposure.

There are more and more web design companies coming into the industry all of the time but whether or not they know some of the basics discussed in this article is questionable. Any company who is looking to increase their online presence and make their website easier to find should look at other websites that the developer that they are considering hiring has built to see how they feel about them. Because it is quite possible that their website is going to look very similar.

Orthodontists Understand And Treat Malocclusions

Feeling good about yourself can be difficult enough without having to worry about your teeth. A toothache can make for some very uncomfortable pain but the negative impact that having crooked or crowded teeth is capable of having can cause a very different kind of pain that can have a lasting, detrimental effect. Those who live in developed nations that have access to orthodontic care do not have to deal with being self-conscious about their smiles because there are thousands of qualified orthodontists who are more than capable of helping. The field of orthodontistry specifically concerns itself with the alignment of teeth and malocclusions. Malocclusions are classified based on the way that one’s teeth and their upper and lower jaw come together. There are over and under bites and all kinds of different ways that teeth do not come together properly that can make for an unappealing smile and/or one that causes some inconvenient health concerns later in life.

Orthodontists do not exist just to make people’s smiles beautiful, but this is often their secondary aim when they identify a specific malocclusion(s) that needs to be dealt with. One’s teeth may not wear evenly over time when their jaws do not come together properly and this can be badly exacerbated if they grind their teeth while they sleep. TMJ and tension headaches are caused by having a misaligned upper and lower jaw and often require orthodontic treatment later in life if the discomfort and pain is severe. Even in cases where these kinds of afflictions are not a concern, generally speaking, crowded and/or crooked teeth are more difficult for those who posses them to maintain. So, those who have teeth that could use orthodontic alignment go without it, they are much more susceptible to develop dental and gum disease than someone with naturally straight teeth or ones that have been corrected. Having straight teeth is not just good for looks, but it is also good for one’s overall health.

Braces are commonly applied early in one’s live before their smiles take shape. One’s childhood or adolescence is the best time for them to have braces because they their teeth and the bones in the mouths and jaw are not fully developed and can be influenced. It is possible that one’s teeth may form fairly straight but they may have a serious under or overbite that could cause some issues for them later in their lives if not dealt with properly. An orthodontist or dentist can identify these developing issues and deal with them proactively so the patient’s teeth and bites never form in a way that could cause problems later in their lives. Braces for kids are usually applied using stainless steel brackets and wiring but adults who get them usually opt for materials designed to be more discreet. It is common for kids to have braces so they are not subjected to social consequences as a result but it is a different story with adults who decide to do something about their smiles.

The brackets used for braces have evolved since their inception in the early 1930s but they were not able to be used to their full potential until dental adhesive was properly formulated and put into practice during the 70s. Before the adhesive was introduced as a way to bind brackets to teeth, orthodontists used to have fashion metal bands around their patient’s teeth in order to create enough surface area to work with in order to move teeth in whatever direction they needed to go. The self-litigating bracket was probably the best functional improvement that took place over the evolution of the bracket’s overall design, but once brackets began being built out of plastic and ceramic using this design their cosmetic appeal increased. Adult braces usually refer to the kind of braces where some effort is taken to make their appearance less conspicuous.

Most orthodontists offer alternatives for adults who are looking into getting braces but are hesitant because they are not comfortable with the idea of walking around with the same, shiny metal ones in their mouths that most people are accustomed to seeing on children and teenagers. Brackets made out of ceramic or transparent plastic often make their appearance less noticeable to a point where an adult believes that will cause a decreased amount of distraction in their daily dealing with others with whom they interact. Orthodontists who care about their patients are intimately familiar with the concerns that their patients have, especially their adult patients and for this and other reasons they provide alternatives to braces that make many adults feel a lot better about the idea of correcting their smiles.

401K Audits Provide Important Financial Checks And Balances

The companies that many people work for proactively offer benefits packages to help their employees prepare for the future. This is a good thing because there  are plenty of intelligent people who do not think about very important things that they should, their retirement being one of those things. It is never too early to start saving for retirement and those who get into a habit of setting aside money and investing it wisely early in their careers or even earlier if they are earning a wage as teenagers, are going to have less difficulty making sure that they have everything they need at later stages of their lives. Companies with 100 or more employees who take advantage of the 401K provision of the Internal Revenue Code are required to hire a third-party CPA firm to perform an audit of their 401K retirement plans.

The company who offers and administers these plans are responsible for the cost of the audit, which ranges in price depending on the complexity and size of the plan. Companies usually work with large financial services institutions who specialize in long-term financial planning in order to find mutual funds, stocks, bonds and guaranteed insurance contracts to use as their 401K investment vehicles. 401K is actually the section of the Internal Revenue Code that includes a provision that states that one can defer a portion of their income tax-free for savings. This was written into the tax code in 1978 and in 1980, a benefits counselor named, Ted Benna discovered that this provided a great, tax-advantaged way for someone to save for their retirement and he began spreading the word.

Since some of the unfortunate, near financial meltdowns that have occurred within the last decade or so, stricter financial regulations and checks and balances have been instituted to help safe-guard working American’s money, especially their retirement savings. 401K audits are performed on retirement savings plans for companies that have over 100 eligible participants to make sure that their best interests are being represented and protected properly. The companies who offer these plans as a benefit usually match a portion of the contributions that their employees make towards it up to a certain percentage and it becomes a mutual part of their employee/employer agreement. When a 401K audit is considered mandatory for a company, they are expected to hire a third-party CPA firm to examine their plan and come to some conclusions about it.

Some of the basic questions that a CPA firm will want to answer when performing this audit  are:

- Are the plan’s assets valued accurately and fairly?

- Are the company’s matching financial contributions being made in a timely fashion?

- Are the eligible participant’s accounts stated accurately and fairly?

- Have payment consistently been executed in strict accordance with the terms of the plan?

- Are there any tax status issues that need to be identified and rectified?

These are just some of the questions that are a part of the audit that require close examination but it is a much more complex process. This is the reason why it is so important to have checks and balances in place to protect people’s 401K accounts, because there are simply too many ways for deviant minds to take advantage of the system by not accurately representing and reporting these numbers with employees best interests in mind. Form 5500 must have the findings of the audit attached when a company’s taxes are filed if they are considered a large plan (100+ eligible participants).

Most large corporations employ accountants to handle internal matters but they are not always Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Accountants who pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination often go onto to seek employment at one of the world’s four largest CPA firms; Deloitte and Touche, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Each of these firms employ between 160,000 and 200,000 people and the average salaries for their CPAs are between $150,000 and $175,000. So, those who are smart enough to pass the examination work for these large CPA firms because there is usually a very bright future in store for them there if they do.

There are many financial specialties within the accounting field, even if you break it down to just CPAs. Some CPAs who are specifically trained to sniff out fraud and are called forensic accountants while others have a particular talent in understanding real estate and mortgages, so they go to work in mortgage banking. The big four CPA firms employ accountants in every relevant financial sector where their clients require expertise, so they can give fair, objective and knowledgeable advice regarding some very important matters pertaining to a company’s and their employees financial well-being.



How Do You Know if Your Orthodontist Is Good At His Job?

When it’s time to get braces done for yourself or for your child, you are suddenly struck with the responsibility of finding the right orthodontist that can work easily with you in a way that makes you feel secure and safe with the treatment. How is it that you find an orthodontist anyway?orthodontics

It’s somewhat often that you may find yourself getting a referral from the dentist to see an orthodontist considering the condition of your smile. This is usually more serious because the dentist is mainly concerned over the health of your teeth. Even if you have never received a referral, a visit to the orthodontist is a very educational and informative experience. They will take a look at your smile and with you, assess whether advanced treatment procedures are necessary (for milder cases, they may give you a retainer, a spacer or a veneer, which is a good thing). A good orthodontist will have the years of experience needed to establish an expertise in the subject, and will be able to help you with your particular case or with the case for your child.

A visit to the orthodontist can certainly be a nerve-wracking ordeal, but it’s something that millions of people do all over America do, and you can see the result of that through the fact that most people in America have good smiles. Even if you feel despair over  your specific case because you think it’s pretty severe and cannot be fixed, chances are that the orthodontist will have some good news for you and have a treatment option available. They specialize in jaw alignment, which concerns itself with your bite and to see how each tooth is lining up.

If you are concerned about your potential visit to an orthodontist, and you don’t know where to start looking for one, ask your dentist for referrals, even if they think you don’t need it. They’ll know someone they respect. You can also ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. As far as picking one goes, here are some guidelines to help you choose anorthodontist in Sacramento that is right for you:

Does the orthodontist have many years of extensive experience? You will want to find out where they attended school and how long they have been there. How many years of experience are followed after their education? Are they even in their own practice or do they work for another orthodontist? It’s also a great thing to check to see if they are licensed by the American Association of Orthodontists. Members of this organization know to follow the ethical and cleanly standards that the AAO implements, and the fact that your potential orthodontist is part of this membership is very often a very good sign. These questions that you should be asking should help you feel more competent and comforted in the search for an orthodontic specialist.

Orthodontic treatment is now so complex that many orthodontists specialize in small fields of care. While this may sound as though it makes the process of searching for one so much more complicated, it can actually simplify your search, since you can narrow your search down tremendously depending on the treatments that are wanting to use. You may be looking for a specialist that works with kids braces, or you may personally need an orthodontist that works with adult braces, but can offer you other alternative choices that would be better suited for your professional lifestyle than just traditional braces (such as offering lingual braces or invisible braces). For an adult, you will want an orthodontic specialist that already has experience in lingual braces or Invisalign, and this can also narrow your search down. Since you may already know what kind of needs you are hoping to address, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint an orthodontist that can actually take care of you.

It’s also better if your orthodontist is friendly and approachable but not impressionable. You should like your orthodontist, or else things may go essentially wrong with choosing your treatment (such as miscommunication about your treatment options because there is potential of distrust). When you actually like your orthodontist, everything else tends to fall into place, and trust can essentially be developed between the doctor and the patient. There is no pressure to have to settle down with the first orthodontist that you meet. Consider the very likely possibility that your treatment will last you a good two years, so you do not want to end up with an orthodontist that you dislike. Maybe the referrals that you get will lead you to an orthodontist that you will like working with, and pretty soon you will get a more attractive smile.


How Do Braces Work?

If you are needing the help from an orthodontist, and you have not found one yet, there are ways of looking for one. You can talk with your dentist, who is concerned about the health of your teeth first and foremost. A dentist can give you a referral to the orthodontist, especially if he or she thinks that it will be a good idea for you to get orthodontic treatment for the sake of the health of your teeth. You can also talk with friends or colleagues who have had experiences with an orthodontist, and they can recommend one to you. You certainly don’t have to go through a dentist for one, and you don’t need a proper medical referral in order to schedule an initial appointment.

An orthodontic specialist has studied tooth and jaw misalignment, and will be the person to speak about smile correction. Of the different options that an orthodontist will give you, here are five common orthodontic methods:ceramic braces

- Retainers: These are generally for people with mild teeth misalignment. Retainers are especially discreet, and can be taken out at any moment if the moment calls for it. As long as the patient is leaving the retainer in long enough for treatment to be somewhat effective, then it’s all fine. It’s basically a wire that you wear in your mouth after it has been custom fitted to support you. It encourages proper alignment through holding the teeth in place, and are best at prevention of misalignment in the future. This is a very gentle option – if the orthodontist doesn’t think that your case will warrant the use of retainers, then he will suggest braces.

- Metal braces: These are generally for everyone, from the mild to the most severe cases. These are basically the most traditional, typical type of braces. Many, many children and teenagers have worn them in the means of realigning their teeth. What makes them so common among the crowd? Essentially, metal braces are extremely effective in their treatment strategy, and they are also very cost-efficient when compared to other treatment options, as they are the cheapest that you can get. The largest setback would be the actual look of the braces, which carries with a stigma of ridicule.

- Clear braces: These are also available for everyone of any type of case. For the child or teenager that is crippling with self-consciousness over the idea of wearing braces, clear braces are a great option. They function just like metal braces do, except that they are not made of metal. They are clear and see-through, made entirely up of other materials that give them that look. Some of them are made of ceramic. Although they are not invisible by far, a teenager or a child can wear them without the braces yelling for attention from peers, as they are not so noticeable, especially from far away. Also very cost-efficient.

-  Lingual braces: These are for people with moderate cases, so you have to eligible for them.  For those who really, really need to be more discreet about their dental work, such as teens who are crippling with anxiety over their braces, or adults who need to keep up a clean, professional appearance for any reason, lingual braces, or hidden braces, are the better option for many. These are attached at the back of the teeth instead of the front. Essentially, no one will be able to guess that they are there. They are uncomfortable to wear in comparison, so if you are considering one, you will have to ask yourself if you are willing to tolerate the discomfort and awkwardness of wearing them for a long period of time. This is accountable depending if you are eligible for this type of treatment. Not everyone is eligible for lingual braces because they are not that effective as treatment, but for those that are, these are very effective.

- Invisible braces: These are also for people with moderate cases, but they are becoming the new favorite. Invisible braces, with products such as Invisalign, are becoming a very popular option for both adults and teenagers. They are created by a mold of your teeth created by a computer program that scanned your teeth and created a model through a 3-D printer with the necessary adjustments needed to manipulate your teeth into better alignment. These are a costlier option, however, as each aligner will have to be replaced as time is spent during your treatment, which will have to be replaced every two weeks. They do look invisible to others, and they snap on and off like a mouth guard, making the treatment process much easier and more comfortable in the long run, which is why it’s considered a good investment for many out there.

How Do You Know If Your Orthodontic Treatment Is the Right One?

A good smile is important for so many things: making a lasting first impression, keeping up professional appearances, keeping our self-esteem in check sometimes, belonging with other people and more. So many people have had access to orthodontic care that it seems as though nobody has bad teeth in America anymore. This is because orthodontic care is so accessible for so many people, and it can easily fix any real problems. Those who haven’t had a shot for orthodontic treatment may be feeling left out, especially as an adult, when we are expected not just for our private lives, but for the professional one as well. Having crooked teeth can make you feel particularly ungroomed and unkempt, and so when it’s time to start looking into scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist, there will be no disappointment (this is because of how advanced our orthodontic technology has become).

The orthodontistorthodontics will perform the initial assessment of your mouth and determine the state of your mouth at that given moment. If you have a more mild case, the orthodontist will only suggest either the use of a retainer, a veneer or a spacer. These treatment options give a more gentle tug and push to the teeth to align them properly (the retainer specifically is designed to hold teeth in place).When the retainer isn’t really working for the individual patient, the orthodontist will suggest different kinds of braces for you to consider. The types of braces that you will end up wearing will depend basically on your priorities and your lifestyle, whether that means you are working in the corporate office or you are in high school. The orthodontist will talk to you about the methods that he or she believe are the best options for your specific case before going on to choosing one for real.

It’s a good idea to know what traditional braces are like. These are the ones we think about when we think of the word “braces.” They are made of steel, and they use these brackets that are glued to the front of the teeth, and they are connected through metal wires that the orthodontist will use to tighten the teeth. These are extremely effective in treatment, and they are cost-friendly, which is why they are the most common type of braces that you will see on others. The major drawback to them is mainly for the cosmetic purposes – they are just plain ugly, and are very flashy and draw attention, and most who wear them do have considerations of how they are going to face ridicule when they go back to school.

For those who may be indeed worried about their options, there is the option to use clear braces instead, which are designed to work out much like the normal braces except that the material they are made up of make them look see-through. They are not entirely unnoticeable. Anyone who will give enough attention to your mouth will notice their presence, but they are certainly much more muted than the traditional steel braces and such, and they are also very effective and cost-friendly.

You have the option to use lingual braces too, which are glued behind the teeth. Extremely unnoticeable, yet they are uncomfortable to wear and the application process is much more difficult than the traditional or clear braces. The orthodontist will have to take some extreme care when applying them for the first time or when it’s time to tighten their wires. They are also only as effective as depending on a case by case basis. If you are a great candidate for lingual braces, you can benefit from their hidden spot and it will actually straighten out your teeth in treatment.

There is also Invisalign, which has been proven again and again to be incredibly effective as well. These are individualized to each person, and they are very clear, so this is an excellent option to utilize (and certainly the most ideal option for adults in the corporate office). You will need to consistently exchange your aligner over time as your correction proceeds over time, so this will certainly be an expensive option in relation to the others that have been listed so far, as the aligners are created by a computer program which scans a mold of your mouth. It’s state of art in terms of orthodontic technology, and the orthodontist is trained to work with the computer program to add the necessary adjustments that are needed for your treatment.

Web Developers Who Know Their Business

You, like anyone else who runs a business wants it to be successful and by this stage in the game you probably understand that having a website is important. Not all websites are equal though and the many companies who design and direct traffic to them have varying levels of understanding when it comes to the design principles used in the construction of your website, and how to effectively drive relevant traffic to it so you can convert website visitors into customers. The companies that specialize in this industry are referred to as web developers and their goal is to build you a website that is inviting, easy to read and navigate and also find when those looking for it use specific keywords to search for it.

The best web developers know and understand the importance of keeping things simple with regard to the construction and design of your website, but when it comes down to what they need to understand and remain constantly abreast of in terms of directing traffic to it, that aspect is anything by simple. Depending on the kind of mind you have, the business you work in and the things that you find interesting it may be difficult to imagine that there are a lot of people who are absolutely fascinated by search engine algorithms and the art of search engine optimization (SEO) but make no mistake, there are many internet minds that are absolutely obsessed with these things. These are the kinds of people you want the web development company you choose to represent your company online to employ because anyone who is passionate about what they do and work in an industry they enjoy will naturally produce more favorable results on behalf of their clients.

There a lot of people who are not passionate about what they do but based on the need for what their business provides and their ability and willingness to put in at least the minimal amount of effort to produce satisfactory results, they can eke a living out of it and provide themselves with what they need to survive. This is a perfectly acceptable existence for many people but does that sounds like the kind of people who you want to be working for you in order to establish and maintain a visible and effective online presence on your company’s behalf? In order to have what is considered a responsive web site, there needs to be a responsive web development team behind it who not only knows what they are doing but are seriously passionate about it as well.

Without remaining constantly and consistently vigilante in the web development business it is impossible for them to do everything they can for their clients. Because the internet is in a constant state of flux and is changing shape all of the time, your web design agency needs to be immersed in those changes in order to feel and recognize the trends that are occurring. If your web design agency is not aware of the changes and they are flying over their heads because either they do not care enough to keep an eye on them or they just do not know their business well enough, your business is going to suffer as a result. Every time that a major search engine modifies their algorithms in an effort to produce relevant results, your web developer needs to have their eyes opened up wide enough to see it and possess the knowledge and understanding required in order to make the necessary adjustments so they your business can maintain their search rank or even improve a couple of positions.

Some adjustments need to be done on the fly based on real-time internet updates that occur, sometimes without warning. Other adjustments are made over the course of time like when the industry came to the realization that truly responsive website development includes understanding the fact that people view web pages from their smart phones more than any other web-viewing device and this should be taken into consideration when designing their client’s web pages. The internet is still considered to be in its infancy so all of the protocols and processes that are used to show you and your prospective clients/customers the things that they are looking for are bound to change along the way. As time goes on, you simply want someone to be looking out for your company and making sure that your webpage not only looks the way that it should but it can be easily found when something inevitably changes.

Tips on Good Orthodontic Web Design

Any business owner (and this includes any doctor of a private practice of which they own, operate and manage) knows that in order to reach out to new potential patrons, patients and customers, they must have an online presence. It’s the next step to creating a successful business strategy, and with that, you have to design a website, and keep marketing strategies ever flowing and updated, in order to keep these potential new patients interested in your service. Online marketing for orthodontistsorthodontic marketing is no different – orthodontists just have slightly different needs than other doctors and will cater to a different audience altogether. What follows is a simple list of orthodontic marketing strategies that are pretty basic in form, but this is a good place to start. All other queries and questions and suggestions go to the expert opinion of a digital marketing agency, which will be able to handle all of the marketing needs and concerns for you, so you can focus on your practice:

1. There is the “About Us” section of the website that will be most useful for most patients that are looking for information. This section you can use for anything besides just presenting a bio for yourself. You can also use it to answer some of the most basic questions, such as what an orthodontist is, what an orthodontic assistant is, how to handle finances in your office, what types of braces you can provide for them, and other basic things. Basically, you want to give them things that they can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are someone communicative and that won’t have to bother you with easier questions when they schedule the initial consultation. Your bio should include details on your studies and what you are an expert in the field of orthodontics.

2. Another very useful page that you must be thinking about will be the one that will detail all the services that you will be able to provide for the patients. This will certainly include the list of braces that you can offer, which is what they will be most anxious to see of course. This is why you need to provide for them the most technologically advanced options first – they have already seen the steel braces before and will not want to use them if they can avoid it. Put these last on your list. Furthermore, you will want to give them proper descriptions that are simple and easy to understand. Focusing your language too much on difficult and medical jargon is just alienating, and may make your patients even more anxious upon reading about it. When you focus your writing instead on the positive effects of the treatments, you will do so much better about putting their minds at ease about their future treatments. Think of it that you are doing them all a big favor by providing for them something to look forward to when it comes to visiting your office. Also, it’s an excellent idea to put some links on this page that takes the patients to another page that describes maintenance and care instructions for their braces after they have them applied. This page will be a reference point that they will be coming back to read about, and this will greatly improve search engine optimization for your website – but in a very subtle way and in a way that helps your patients out anyway!

3. Don’t be afraid to use visual media to enhance your website – it will actually do you so much good! Studies have proven again and again that people love visual media on websites, whether they are photos, infographics or videos. It keeps their attention going which means that they stay engaged in the website that they are visiting. What you can certainly add to your website if you don’t have a lot of different sorts of visual media going is that you can add your before and after portfolio to your website (or at least part of it). Get permission from the former patients before you embark on this road, and use your portfolio to educate your future patients about how orthodontic care can really help them. When you take a peek into other well designed orthodontic websites out there, you will see that they use a lot of photos to keep their users’ attention.

4. Don’t forget about your online presence – it needs to be maintained every once in a while. Make sure that your orthodontic web design is still looking good and that the development is still functional. Also keep tabs on your social media web pages – the updates keep people interested in your website.

An Orthodontist With The Right Stuff

The art of straightening teeth and correcting jaw alignment issues referred to medically as malocclusions is called orthodontics. Misaligned bites can cause all kinds of issues that one would rather avoid if at all possible, including dental and gum disease, uneven wear of their teeth and tension headaches caused by the pressure applied to their jaws when they are not naturally aligned properly. Before an orthodontist can apply for, get accepted to and attend an orthodontics residency at a hospital or a university they first have to have graduated from an accredited university with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) degree. Their orthodontic residency is typically 2-3 years and most focus their curriculum and training on fixed straight wire appliances or what everyone knows and refers to as ‘braces’. When they pass the written exam administered by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), they are required to stand before the board and present six different orthodontic cases with that they personally administered. Here, they defend their clinical decisions and show what results they were ultimately able to achieve.

Almost everyone is familiar with braces because either they or many of their peers had them when they were growing up at some point. It is never too late to get braces for anyone who feels that they would benefit from having a smile they were more comfortable with or if it is causing some health problems. Many people who later in life want to do something about their teeth because they never had braces or they did but did not follow their orthodontist’s recommendations regarding the vigilante use of the retainer they fashioned for them, look for alternative teeth straightening methods that they would be more comfortable with. Stainless steel metal brackets and wiring can be quite cumbersome and make adults who wear them feel some serious anxiety, so the Invisalign method is often a popular way for those who are considered to be ideal candidates for the procedure to correct their smiles without having to feel self-conscious during the process. Invisalign is sometimes an option for teenagers even, which is a big surprise for a lot of parents looking to help their adolescent child feel better about their smile after they mistakenly thought earlier in their lives that they would not need braces.

Invisalign is a very impressive technology and procedure that almost completely invisible. Besides the reflection that light can produce on the surface of the hard, plastic aligners, they are virtually impossible to see. A high-tech instrument is used to map every surface of the orthodontic patient’s teeth and the Invisalign software receives it and produces a series of digital images that show the smile gradually coming into alignment, little be little with each image. The software is designed to know what results can safely be expected by using this method and when the orthodontist gives the procedure their approval, a 3-D printer is used to manufacture the images out of orthodontic-grade, transparent plastic. the patient then wears each mold in succession for three to four weeks each until they have worn them all and by the time there are no more aligners to wear, their smiles have been completely transformed and clearly moved into alignment. This smile correcting method is not for everyone though and individual circumstances dictate whether it is capable of producing satisfactory results or not. Orthodontists always have the best interest of their patients in mind and they also want to be able to stand by their work, as it is a reflection of how good they are at their craft.

In many cases where Invisalign is not going to do the trick, some form of braces is the only way to produce results that resemble perfection. This is not a bad thing, it is just something that someone needs to be comfortable with because if they are also not considered good candidates for lingual braces, they will need to choose between traditional, clear or ceramic braces in order to correct their smiles. Lingual braces use the same methodology as normal braces however their application is different because the brackets and inter-connecting wiring are installed on the backsides of the patient’s teeth. This makes them completely discreet and for those who are looking for the perfect smile about are not able to get there with Invisalign, if their orthodontist feels confident that lingual braces are a viable and effective option then the patient will most certainly feel good about their teeth straightening prospects.

How the 401(k) Audit Can Be Your New Best Friend

One of the best offers that an employer can give to employees is the option of putting money into a 401(k) retirement savings account. In this account, employees can defer parts of their salary before it gets taxed into the savings account, and that money doesn’t get taxed until it is withdrawn, which is a huge perk to have, indeed. This is also an investment account, which means an employer can open up investment opportunities to his employees that can further benefit their retirement plans, and in order to boost up company morale, sometimes an employer will match contributions that the employee has made.

Employees can use their money to make investment opportunities like stocks, bonds and individual brokerage accounts. Mutual funds are even available for employees through the 401(k) plan. Furthermore, employees can redistribute the money at any time they please and see fit. What keep these plans in check with governmental regulations are audits. Audits are done by third-party accountant, and they are called 401(k) audits, which are looking to make sure that everything is in compliance with government regulations and that the retirement plan is following its own rules as stated in the contracts. Employers can voluntarily ask for audits as a way to ensure themselves that their plans are working. If a plan has more than 100 employees signed up for it, then the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will demand a mandatory audit that is conducted by a third-party accounting firm.

Again, auditors are looking to see if all the activity being done in the plan are following SEC regulations, and if the employer is keeping his promises on the contracts that he offered his employees. Pretty much every 401(k) auditor is a certified public accountant, who ask herself a plethora of questions in her investigation into the 401(k) plans that she is overlooking. She wants to see if any issues pop up, and if they do, she has to ensure that they are corrected. She will make suggestions on how to improve the plan, as well. She wants to see if the retirement plans are secure and stable.

When a 401(k) auditor is doing their job, they are investigating all aspects that make up and are relating to the 401(k) that is being investigated. They may ask to see financial documents on the employer’s financial activity and business practices in order to see the bigger picture and make a fair assessment of the situation. Some of the questions a 401(k) auditor will be asking himself but are not limited to are:

-Are the accounts of the employees being fairly represented? All need to be represented equally and honestly.

-Does every employee get a chance to seize this opportunity or are some employees being discriminated against?

-Are there constant payments being made into the accounts?

-Are those payments breaking contract regulations?

-Is there potential tax trouble?

-Are there any transactions being made that may look to be ERISA-prohibited?

After making these assessments, the 401(k) auditor will take a look again at the bigger picture of where the business is headed in general and whether or not the retirement plans will continue to benefit employees in the future. Suggestions and adjustments will be made afterwards in improving the financial activity of the company as well as the improvement of the retirement contracts. There’s a lot of documentation that needs to be prepared for a 401(k) audit, and in many cases, it’s very tedious for the employer to gather them all on his own. He will have to know where all the company records are located, which is why it’s useful to hire a bookkeeper (it’s useful to have a bookkeeper for purposes even outside preparing for a 401(k) audit anyway. Documents that auditors will ask to look into would be current versions of the retirement plan contracts, past versions of that same contract to compare them, tax returns, statements on company financial activity and more. It’s a lot to handle.

When the audit has been finished, it is put into the financial filings of the company with the Internal Revenue Service (the name 401(k) came from the section of the Internal Revenue Code, which is a law). An excellent auditor will send summaries and other communications about concerns, fixes for noncompliance and more to the plan administrator and other managers that are working on the retirement plans. The general goal is to make sure that there is always fair play with employees, and to make sure that communication within the company is improving.

Website Design for an Evolving Digital Age

As technology continues to advance, we are adapting ways of connecting to the Internet as well as each other. It’s no different for businesses – in fact, there’s more pressure on businesses not only to have social media presence, but to connect and network online in order to get a steady flow of customers and keep everything either growing or stable. There are many factors that play into creating an Internet presence, and this essay will cover all the important basics into connecting with others for your business.

As mentioned before, it is very, very important to have social media presence. There are several means to do so, of the most popular are using things like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You will want to keep these pages updated along with your website. This keeps you almost in constant contact with customers and it makes it a personable experience for them. They will only end up appreciating it more and will want to work with you more as you connect with them. This is a vital step, and if you thought just having a website was enough, think again. People are now living most of their time online.

The other aspect to having good Internet presence is to have good web design. Mentioning this may have come to a surprise aside from just “having a website” period, but if your website doesn’t look good, than anybody who is looking you up for the services that they need will pass some negative judgments about you and will continue on to someone else. Customers are always judging based on outward appearance – that’s why many professions have uniforms to create an image of authority and respect. The website is the same. There are many guidelines to design principles to consider when you are creating a website. As I list them down, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to look at other websites for ideas and inspiration as you take notes on these principles. Some of these principles include having a good color theme to your website, where you don’t overuse colors but you have a theme throughout your website. You have readable text that doesn’t make your user struggle to read through. You should have a good layout, in which your links are obvious and take the user to where they need to go, your pictures are organized, and everything else flows easily. You want to have a logo to brand your business and give a face to your work. You also want this logo to be the link back to the homepage when it comes to navigation. You will find these guidelines present in most of the good websites that you will take a look at and learn from.

Beyond the design basics, there are others things to consider to keep up with the evolving nature of technology, most obvious of which would be the use of responsive website design. If you are keeping good enough notes, you will probably notice that the look of the websites you are drawing inspiration from will look different on the mobile device in comparison to the way it looks on a traditional desktop computer or laptop computer. That is what responsive website design is. It’s the way your design adapts to the user based on the device he or she is using to look at your website. It may seem as though you are creating several websites for your one business, but most of design principles stay the same except the layout. It needs to be adaptable to the user, including the way you are using links, which can easily clutter up the smaller screens. Very often, designers will create pop up menus for smartphone users so as not to clutter up the design – you never want clutter in your website. It always needs to look neat.

Further than this is the use of content marketing, which you will see available through the use of blogs. Users today know not to listen to traditional advertisements anymore, and they more prone to research into services instead. Because of this growing distrust, we need better ways to reach out to customers, and this is through content marketing. You write blogs that are relatable to the services you provide – this way, you are already attracting people who are very interested in the subject. You then slip in some subtle links that will link to services or businesses that relate to the subject they are reading about. Positive feelings have been made in users. You hire a digital marketing agency to connect you to blogs and network with partners that you can work with, and you can link each other on your prospective websites. Having updated blogs will also ensure that your viewers will keep coming back to see the updates, much like how they do on social media websites.

Adults Can Certainly Wear Braces

clear bracesMany adults may seem to have very nice teeth. You can chuck some of those examples up to good genes, but many adults had the chance to wear braces when they were younger to fix any teeth misalignment issues. Some adults, however, never got around to getting this chance when they were young, so they have to live with the fact that they have crooked teeth. This can impair the self-esteem for so many adults, especially when they feel pressure to improve the way they look for dating and other social purposes, or when they feel like they need have a more impressive look for their jobs or bosses. The way we look and the way we feel about it especially can bleed into the impressions of others. When we are not confident, colleagues can read you as timid. Luckily though, orthodontists are able to help almost everyone in their needs (the ones who lucked out of it would be the very severe cases that need surgery). Otherwise, when you get around to seeing an orthodontist, expect to hear some good news.

It’s the orthodontist’s job to fix jaw misalignment and tooth misalignment. They also specialize in smile correction. An orthodontist is very knowledgeable about his field, and will talk with you truthfully about the options that are eligible for. There are many different types of braces: steel braces, clear braces, lingual braces and invisible braces. Depending on his professional opinion, an orthodontist can analyze the state of your smile and give the viable treatment methods. Sometimes, if your case is pretty mild, the orthodontist will suggest that you wear retainers instead, which are custom-fitted wires that are attached to the teeth and hold them in place. This is somewhat of a discreet method in comparison to some others, but these are for mild cases. They do not give adequate enough support for patients who really need to manipulate their teeth into proper alignment.

~In that case, the orthodontist will suggest that you consider wearing braces. Of the most traditional and well-known braces out there, it’s the steel braces that carry that awful reputation. They are extremely effective in treatment however. The metal brackets are glued to the front of the teeth and there are wires that connect them. The orthodontist tightens the wires as part of the treatment. It may make sense why there’s such a stigma against these braces – they are very obvious when you wear them. The steel brackets contrast very strongly against the whiteness of the teeth, and the metal will also reflect light. It’s hard not to notice that a person is wearing them. For adults, this is not a good option at all, because these types of braces will strip professional appearance away. Even some teenagers are opting not to wear them for fear that they will be ridiculed for it, or that it might hurt their social relationships.

The other options will be clear braces. These are exactly like the steel braces, except that the brackets are made out of clear material. Sometimes, they are made with ceramic. These are not invisible, and friends and peers will be able to tell that you are wearing them, but they do not starve for attention like the steel braces do. This is a better option for teens who want more discretion, as this is also a cheaper method to use in comparison to other methods, but there are more discreet options for adults that want full discretion about their treatment from their co-workers and bosses.

The third treatment option would be the lingual braces (sometimes they are called hidden braces). These braces are attached to the back of the teeth, and work the same way as other braces do with brackets and wires attached together. The orthodontist will have to be extra careful when putting these on and tightening them throughout treatment because of where they are located. Lingual braces are very effective at being discreet, and no one will be able to tell that you have them on. But they are uncomfortable, yet this may be worth the struggle. Also, you will need to be eligible, as these braces cannot fit everyone.

Invisible braces, also called Invisalign, are a rising popularity. They are clear plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit your mouth specifically, and push the teeth into better alignment. The aligners are comfortable to wear and easy to take off for whatever reason. It’s an expensive option when you compare the costs to the other methods, but either way, it’s a good option for professionals.

Cosmetic Braces Are A Good Alternative

In this life, if you don’t know exactly what your options are then you cannot expect to make the right decisions. This is especially important for parents and taking a proactive approach to everything you do in terms of raising them can only prove to be beneficial whether it is assuming that they are going to need braces and saving accordingly for them years ahead of time to just knowing the kinds of experiences that you want to expose them to. It is your job to prepare your kids for the world as best as you can and believe it or not, if they need braces and you are in a position to provide them, you are doing them a huge favor. Not only are they going to be able to feel confident about their smiles for the rest of their lives but they are also not really going to have any chance of experiencing tension headaches or complications from grinding their teeth in their sleep later in life. The foremost cause of tensions headaches is a misaligned bite that puts pressure on the jaw where it connects to one’s skull, so if braces can kill three birds with one stone, why not throw that stone? Building confidence and avoiding potential health concerns is tough to argue with and braces are the way to do it. Proper dental hygiene and quality smile correction can build self-esteem and help you look and feel your best.

It makes the most sense to get your kids braces when they are young and their permanent teeth are coming in. Kids lose their baby teeth at various ages so every situation is different but generally speaking, sooner is normally better than later. No orthodontist is going to recommend them before they are ready so it is easy to trust their opinion and recommendation regarding the matter. Unless you just crawled out some primordial ooze from beneath a rock then you are familiar with braces and what they are supposed to do but it is important to understand a few distinctions. First of all, the most economical and effective way to go about proactively straightening a smile is by using traditional braces with metal brackets installed on the front of the teeth that is accompanied by wires that form an interconnecting network between the brackets. Ceramic and clear braces work the exact same way but they utilize materials made out of ceramic and plastic, respectively. Sometimes orthodontists who offer ceramic braces also use white wiring to help it all blend in to the natural color of one’s teeth better. Typically though with clear braces, the same wiring that is using with metal brackets is applied.

Knowing about your available options for cosmetic braces is not all there is to the matter; there are additional things that you should know about clear and ceramic braces. It is important to note that metal is the most durable and effective material for this procedure and any and all other materials that are an option are simply not as strong. Durability is a major factor when it comes to braces if who is going to be wearing them is a kid who does not have any real motivation to follow the orthodontist’s orders regarding activities and foods to avoid. Adults who are paying for their own braces are naturally more motivated to take care of them because if they break or require repair, repairs are not free and will do nothing but make the process more expensive if they are required. Taking a bite out of an apple could turn into a major inconvenience for you if you are the one wearing these kinds of braces and if it is your kid, it is you that is going to have to pay for it and take time out of your day to get them into their orthodontist to get it fixed. Anything that an adult can do to obscure the appearance of their braces is normally worth whatever extra cost or liabilities that may come along with the treatment but as stated, that may not be the case when dealing with a child.

Until the day when technology gets to the point where you can just zap your teeth into alignment, braces are most likely going to remain the most common way to deal with people’s jaw alignment and smile concerns. Whatever pain is involved after orthodontic adjustments is definitely worth it in the end because a nice smile is beneficial for everyone. You can be certain that quality smile correction can have a great influence on your life.